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You are an expat
and you are expecting in France?
You are in the right place! 

Congratulations on this new pregnancy! Félicitations!

You are an expat and expecting in France?


 I can be your doula guiding you through the French system and protocols!

Hey there, my name is Elise and I am a seasoned doula (another way of saying I am growing grey hair!).

I have been a doula for 15 years and attended more than 260 births in that timeframe, a few in the UK and many in France.

Having lived in England for 14 years, and given birth there to my 3 children, I know what it feels like to be an expat and expecting in another country, culture and administration!

I also know how to figure out a way to navigate through foreign medical protocols whilst being far from our families.


Aw I would have loved to have a doula for me who understands all these ambiguities, someone who would take us with all our questions and queries. Someone who could fill our toolbox with knowledge, skills, tips and tricks on how to navigate through labor. Someone fluent in both languages to help us through the understanding of medical or administrative technical verbiage as well as communicating our wishes to the birthing team in native French.

I have been a doula for the expat community here in Bordeaux for 12 years now. It’s about time I offer my services nationwide through the magic of the internet. I designed several programs, specifically around what I found to be the most crucial points for expats expecting in France. Having said that, I can tailor sessions specifically to your needs too. 

If you are interested to join the program, drop me a message through the contact box below!


Session ‘à la carte’

Session ‘à la carte’– consulting

100€ /2h

Option 'birthing à la carte' - you can call (phone call) me in early labour to get all the good vibes you need! This way you can remain at home for as long as possible before making a move to the maternity unit.

200€ for being on call during your term period (5 weeks)

2 session Packs

2 sessions ‘giving birth in France, how/where/costs..’ – consulting

2x2h – 200€

2 sessions ‘toolbox for labor’ – consulting 2x2h – 200€

2 sessions ‘writing your birth plan’ – consulting

2x2h – 200€

2 sessions ‘prepare your postpartum’ – consulting

2x2h – 200€

2 sessions ‘prepare your breastfeeding journey’ – consulting

2x2h – 200€

4 session Cycles

Cycle 4 private sessions – consulting

 4x2h – 400€

Cycle 4 sessions in group

4x2h – 300€

Cycle 4 sessions in group + 1 weekly meeting with other parents over 4 months (2 months before et 2 months after)

4x2h + 16x1h – 450€

Get in touch!

Tell me what your needs are. 

We can easily organise a quick zoom meeting in order to meet.

If you prefer, you can email me on

For urgent requests, you can contact me on

06 80 37 64 67

Thanks for your message! Got it!

I check my messages twice a week and I will reply as soon as possible.

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